pre-professional dance training

We've got the tools, experience, and the plan to get you where you want to be whether it's a professional career, a college dance program, or just because you love it!  And we'll keep it cutting-edge and motivating so that success is inevitable. Let's do this.

ready to transform your dancing?

You have the determination and desire to grow as a dancer but you are lacking genuine guidance, support, and knowledge.

you Have What It Takes.

Our most advanced program, the Lambarri Company prepares each dancer for any facet of the industry they wish to be involved in!

by audition for 6-18 yrs

Lambarri Company


Ready for your child to begin their dance journey? Join Lambarri for an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for your young dancer! 

for dancers 9 & under

Studio Division

Develop & refine your technical skills across all styles while finding your artistic voice!

for serious dancers 10 & up

Technique Track



Nothing is more gratifying than having an integral part in each of our dancer's journeys and watching them accomplish amazing things!

Kind Words from our Dance Family