Technique Track


+ Junior Level (10-12 years old):
Minimum of 3 hours of classes per week
+ Dancers are required to perform in our Spring Gala. There is no required competition component to this level.

+ Teen/Senior Level (13+ years old):
+ Dancers at this level must be a part of our Lambarri Company
Invitation or audition required.

We want you to be able to learn in a way that you enjoy it, and still get the results you want.  

Through this program, our dancers develop their technical skills at a more advanced level and achieve a higher level of physical fitness, with specific attention to movement execution, strength, and flexibility. 

This technique based program provides each dancer with the opportunity to continue to refine their technical training in advanced classes. Individualized attention and training is prioritized, and goal-setting is an integral part of the program preparing dancers for their next steps.

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